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Driving School in Brooklyn NY,Stat. Is. - LESSIONS 7 DAYS A WEEK,ROAD TEST, CAR, CDL, BUS, PRE-LICENSE AND DDC(Defensive Driving Course),COURSES,TRAINING,DRIVING INSTRUCTION,LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, OFFER DISCOUNT COUPONS AND PACKAGES . Brooklyn, New York City NY;Stat. Is. - LESSONS 7 DAYS A WEEK - ROAD TEST / CAR / CDL / BUS / TRUCK / TRACTOR TRAILER / PRE-LICENSE AND DDC Defensive Driving Course If you are not sure about your driving skills or want to learn how to drive we are here for you. Our school has been successfully in business. During that period, 97% of our students passed the driving test on the first try. In our school, students acquire skills in safe and responsible driving. After completing the training and passing the test for some of the drivers, driving becomes a profession which brings good income and benefits. For the rest, our training gives the knowledge and security, which are so essential in heavy traffic of NY State. Please visit us:























































































or call (718)809-8961, (718)757-2598, (718)769-5247 for more info.

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